for the Women in Manufacturing Association • Fiscal Year 2023

WiM Wins


Welcomed 146 corporate member companies, 10,131 corporate professional members and 553 individual members.


Hosted more than 1,700 participants at SUMMIT 2023 – up 700 from the previous year


Launched the WiM Iowa chapter and relaunched the WiM Indiana chapter for a total of 32 WiM chapters nationwide


Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation’s Virtual Learning Series webinars attracted more than 5,000 participants – largest one-year attendance

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) throughout 2023, it is with immense pride and gratitude that I share our collective achievements and strides toward a more inclusive, empowered industry.

The growth we’ve experienced has been phenomenal. Our membership surged from 18,000 to 26,000, marking a profound testament to our shared commitment and vision. This remarkable expansion reflects the increasing recognition of WiM as a pivotal force in empowering and advancing women within the industry. As we continue to foster a supportive and inclusive community, the diverse expertise and perspectives within our membership further solidify our collective impact on shaping the future of manufacturing for women across the globe.

Last year, our expansion transcended borders as we ventured into international territories. The inaugural event by WiM’s International Women’s Network in Germany set the stage for a series of impactful gatherings in Barcelona, Tokyo and Montenegro. Embracing both physical and virtual dimensions, these engagements paved the way for our continued global outreach. Looking ahead, we’re set to broaden our footprint in additional countries this year, enhancing our international programming and fostering alliances crucial for our collective progress.

Networking remains integral to our ethos. Our flagship national conference, SUMMIT, witnessed record-breaking attendance, attracting more than 1,700 participants globally this past September. Our chapters also experienced significant growth, not only in program diversity but also in outreach. Looking forward our focus remains steadfast on expanding chapters, amplifying our chapters’ online presence, and investing in our chapter leaders’ growth through a dedicated chapter leadership workshop.

As a membership-driven organization, our foremost goal remains serving more women in the industry. Our strides this past year have been substantial, yet our resolve is unwavering—we aspire to do more, to reach farther and to effect greater change.

However, as the McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2023 report highlights, despite commendable advancements in C-suite representation, parity remains elusive, especially for women of color. While progress is evident, our collective task is far from complete.

In the pursuit of a more equitable industry, we call upon each of you—individuals, companies and allies—to join hands with us, leveraging our resources and contributing to our vibrant community. Our journey requires collective action, a movement fueled by unity and purpose.

Together, let us amplify our voice on industry issues. Let us invest more in advocacy, public affairs and public relations strategies to spotlight challenges and champion women’s careers in manufacturing.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each member, leader, supporter and ally who has contributed to our shared success. Your dedication fuels our momentum, and together, we will continue breaking barriers and reshaping the landscape of manufacturing for generations to come.

With anticipation and determination,

Allison Grealis
Founder and President
Women in Manufacturing Association

Dive into our “Why WiM” video to discover the heart of Women in Manufacturing as Allison Grealis, WiM’s president and founder, talks about her vision to unite and empower women in the industry and hear first-hand accounts from our members about what fuels their passion.


At the heart of WiM lies its membership, and 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in new members. Being a member of WiM means connecting with a group of incredible women and allies of women in manufacturing who understand each other’s journey and our programming makes sure to maximize networking opportunities.

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Individual Professional

WiM is clearly one of the best organizations I have belonged to in my career as far as the quality of the membership and sharing of ideas and information.

Senior Managing Director


From the Blog

My ultimate goal has always been to move into a leadership role, and the Empowering Women in Production Program has been instrumental in equipping me with the skills and mindset necessary to be an effective leader.

Tanya Jaurez

Howmet Aerospace

We’re making sure that everybody’s daughters, sisters and mothers, if they want to enter the manufacturing world, they will not feel lonely. They will feel that it's possible and they will have role models to be inspired by.

Melissa Rocha

Kymera International

Every woman in manufacturing should have the opportunity to embrace the enriching experiences of a WiM membership. I aspire to ensure that all women in manufacturing can tap into the incredible value that WiM offers.

Lynn Kier

Shaw Industries

Events and Programs

WiM hosts an expanding array of impactful events and programs annually. These include WiM’s flagship event, SUMMIT, that unites industry professionals throughout the country and even the world. The Moms in MFG initiative offers support and a community for mothers and caregivers in manufacturing, fostering connections and providing valuable content. WiM regional conferences offer unique learning and networking opportunities, allowing participants to gain access to key industry content shared by regional thought leaders and connect with peers in their region. The member exclusive WiM Summer and Winter Leadership Conferences convene the National Board of Directors and corporate members to address industry challenges, exchange ideas and strategize for workforce enhancement. These events collectively foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and actionable steps for industry growth and improvement.

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The camaraderie I’ve experienced as a WiM member is unmatched, and having a support system of strong individuals by your side makes all the difference.

Global Vice President – Environmental Health and Safety


Networking Groups

At WiM, we understand the importance of networking and it’s at the core of what we do — we create opportunities for connection between women working in the manufacturing industry. Aside from our conferences and online programming which offer a plethora of networking opportunities, we also host two networking groups that cater to diverse professional needs.

WiM’s Executive Networking Group provides a confidential environment for year-round engagement and idea sharing among C-Suite manufacturing professionals. This intimate group meets in-person three times annually, providing members access to a national network of thought leaders, fostering an environment conducive to sharing expertise and collaborative growth.

The International Women’s Network serves as a dynamic platform connecting global members, facilitating information exchange and fostering mutual support among peers. This vibrant community not only addresses industry trends on a worldwide scale but also champions discussions on their profound impacts within the manufacturing ecosystem.

2023 Locations:

International Programs
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I love WiM and I love all the people making a difference for women and for the manufacturing industry.

Principal, Manufacturing and Distribution



WiM boasts a robust network of active local chapters fueled by dedicated volunteers across the United States. These chapters are integral to WiM’s mission of supporting, promoting and inspiring women in manufacturing at a grassroots level. They offer a diverse range of virtual and in-person events, including networking sessions, professional development workshops and plant tours. WiM Chapters provide invaluable opportunities for members and industry professionals to connect, learn and grow.

Chapter Leaders
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WiM has opened my eyes to seeing that females and MY female attributes and abilities belong, and I am achieving more than just padding the numbers.

Lancaster Terminal Site Supervisor

Air Products and Chemicals

Women in Manufacturing
Education Foundation

Empowering women in the manufacturing industry drives WiM’s mission and in 2016 the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation (WiMEF) was established to provide valuable resources and support to women at different stages of their manufacturing careers. With a focus on leadership development and skill enhancement, the Education Foundation offers a constellation of programs designed to equip women with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in the manufacturing industry. The foundation, led by an executive director and an esteemed Board of Directors, offers a Virtual Learning Series as well as three educational programs each designed for a specific audience — the Leadership Institute for Women, the Management Development Program and Empowering Women in Production.

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Grateful to be surrounded by such empowering leaders who continually ignite my creativity and propel me forward.


Enterprise Tool & Die, LLC

Ways to Engage with WiM

Be sure to also follow along as we post updates and news on WiM’s social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X.

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WiM’s LinkedIn channel serves as a hub for networking and community building among women in manufacturing roles. WiM regularly shares association updates, industry news, event announcements and resources relevant to women in the manufacturing sector.

WiM’s Instagram community showcases highlights from WiM events, features stories of women in manufacturing and promotes diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Hear Her Story

Tune in to Hear Her Story, WiM’s monthly podcast where Allison interviews remarkable women spanning diverse roles and specialized sectors across the manufacturing landscape. Listeners will glean insights from their distinctive expertise and discover the pivotal moments that have molded their professional trajectories.

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Women in Manufacturing Association

Board of Directors ​

Fiscal Year 2023 ​

Lisa Skidmore
GE Appliances, a Haier company 

Vice Chair
Carrie Uhl
Danaher Corporation

Ronda McKnight

Jeff White
Robinson & Cole

Past Chair
Virginia Harn
CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen)


Joanna Cooper, Daimler Truck

Sheree Gaus, Sodexo

Jana Gessner, Pepsico

Peggy Gulick, Kohler

Tami Hedgren, John Deere

Tiffanie Lewis, Diebold Nixdorf

Cara Madzy, BASF Corporation

Yirla Morehead, Molson Coors

Rachael Sampson, Key4Women, KeyBank

Angela Sams, Parker Hannifin

Danielle Schneider, Pridgeon & Clay 

Jane Thomas, Teijin Holdings USA, Inc

Amy Volz, Trane Technologies

Paul Wellener, Deloitte

Devon Winter, F.W. Winter Inc. & Co

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